Frequently Asked Questions

Internal and close-up views are paramount to my brand, therefore, I keep my specific equipment and techniques as trade secrets 😉

The high quality of my internal content is not a result of one simple tool or process, but instead is the result of a combination of complex techniques I've developed and honed over the years. I customize cameras and endoscopes, use a variety of cameras depending on the type of view I'm filming, use homemade tools to aid in quality, and, in addition to preparing my body and equipment before and during filming, I also do what I can to enhance quality post-production.
No. However, all of my content is inspired by collective viewer feedback. Your video ideas/desires are always welcome and appreciated; I will keep them in mind as I continue to create content, though I do not make specific commitments.
No. When I communicate with viewers, I am acting as either a customer service representative or an online friend/colleague.
4K Closeups, Extreme Closeups, and Magnified Closeups:
  • Face
  • Breasts
  • Pussy
  • Cervix
  • Anus
Internal 4K Footage:
  • Vaginal Canal
  • Cervical Canal
  • Urethral Opening
  • Oral Cavity
  • Throat
  • Epiglottitis
  • Anal Canal
  • Rectum
  • Partial Sigmoid Colon
Simulated 4K Footage:
  • Womb,
  • Esophagus
  • Stomach
  • Duodenum of small intestines
  • Urethral Squirting
  • Pussy Creaming
  • Peeing
  • Clear Lube
  • “Semen” Lube
  • Fuck
  • Cunt
  • Pussy
  • Cock
  • Dick
  • Cum
  • Penis
  • Semen
  • Sperm
  • Ejaculate
  • Breed
  • Impregnate
  • Tiny
  • +more
No Themes:
  • Inc*st
  • Step-Inc*st
  • CGL
  • CNC
  • Ag*play
  • Blackmail
  • Coercion
  • Cheating
  • Humiliation/Degradation
  • Sadism/Masochism
  • Scat/Poop
  • B*astiality/Animals
No Words:
  • B*tch
  • Sl*t
  • Wh*re
  • V*lva
  • P*ss
  • Toilet
No scenes with other real people.

I will not communicate, sell, or otherwise distribute content outside of my established adult platforms.
When I was a webcam model, a fan asked if I would create an ultra closeup "Pussy Tour" video for them and if I was comfortable, to also use a speculum. At the time, January 1st, 2021, I didn't know what a cervix was, or what the inside of a vagina looked like, and associated speculums solely with going to the doctors; I thought it was gross and wasn't comfortable at the time to use a speculum. But I was enthusiastic to create the closeup video, "Pussy Tour - This Video Started it All".

After some thought, I decided to order a speculum. And on February 20th, 2021, I used it during a webcam show, my "Legendary 38K-Viewer Webcam Show". The response was mind-blowing. 38,000 simultaneous viewers! Everyone was fascinated, including myself! It looked so strange inside me! It looked like an inside-out penis! I had no idea that a big lump was in there, I hadn't thought much about it before, but I guess I just thought it was kind of a pocket at the end. I ordered an endoscope (insertable camera) and began focusing my shows on internal views. It was a lot of fun. We were all fascinated, inquisitive, and learning together. I was so happy, I enjoyed my shows very much, and finally felt successful; my shows typically had 8,000-20,000 viewers, my following was 82,126, and we had built a happy and fun community. It was amazing. Unfortunately, it turned out internal views and closeups were prohibited by the platform, it was extremely disheartening at the time. After many tribulations on the platform, I began looking for alternatives.

April 2021, I signed up to ManyVids and began focusing on content creation instead of webcamming. By coincidence of my extreme closeup content and camera angles, my content attracted giantess fans and I discovered the giantess genre and began adding the giantess tag to my closeup videos. I created my first official giantess-themed video in May 2021 as a custom order, "Giantess Inside Pussy Cervix 4K". The customer who ordered the custom was lovely to work with, and taught me a lot more about the giantess genre.

Since then, I've learned so much! And I've been able to share my knowledge with my fans. I find it fascinating to witness my body working, and to understand how it is functioning biologically. Seeing my pulse beating inside of my orifices, and simultaneously recording the sound of my heartbeat has been one of the most mesmerizing experiences; I am observing my own aliveness, the life happening within me! I also really enjoy creating giantess content, I love the fantasy, creativity, playfulness, immersion, and imagination that I get to express and share.

Above all, it brings me great joy when I am able to provide unique content my viewers have never experienced before: novel, exciting, educational, immersive, engaging. I love when fans are happy and enamored.
Yes. The best deal is my ManyVids membership bundle, which provides stream access to all of my videos there. I can also offer personalized discounts on ManyVids, IWantClips, and LoyalFans. Send me a message and we can discuss the details.
Yes! If you would like to purchase a video that is marked as "membership", send me a message 🙂
No, not currently. In the past, I've done public-room webcam shows (no private/one-on-one/group).
No. I only sell digital content.
  1. Positive feedback - It really motivates me and boosts my morale when viewers are happy with my content. It's also helpful to know specifically what fans enjoy most, and viewers "favorite parts of video" as I create future content 🙂
  2. Tips - I receive 80% commission on tips on all my platforms. Video sales are usually 60% commission.
  3. Promote me in communities (eg. sizeTwitter) or forums where you think others would enjoy my content.
  4. Follow me on Twitter and RT my posts.
I keep my personal life private 😉
No. I am a solo content creator. I do not do adult work with other people. Any body parts in my content are either props, toys, special effects, or attached to me 🙂
Hopefully we agree that shrinking is a fun fantasy and not possible in reality. In reality, I don't meet fans; size wouldn't change that.

In an alternate, magical reality, within the context of a romantic relationship, where it were 100% safe with no possibility of harm to either party, if my partner wanted to temporarily shrink and explore inside me, I'd probably let them, why not? Though, I wouldn't want my partner to be shrunken/inside me all the time. (giantism isn't a personal fantasy of mine, though I do thoroughly enjoy and have fun making giantess content).
Tips on my platforms are always appreciated as gratuity to support my content creation. However, I'm not comfortable receiving tips for anything other than my work. (ie. not comfortable with "buy me a coffee/flowers etc.").

I do not accept anything tangible, and do not have a wishlist.